72-inch blue Purdue Hemp Leash
72-inch blue Purdue Hemp Leash

72-inch blue Purdue Hemp Leash

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Walk with purpose and sustainability. Our 72-inch light blue hemp dog leash from Purdue not only adds a pop of color to your outings but is also crafted from eco-friendly materials, making every step a conscious and stylish choice for both you and your furry friend.

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    • 100% natural hemp canvas webbing
    • Recycled Linen canvas
    • Recyclable hardware 



    • Our products are made of 100% natural hemp canvas webbing for strength, durability, and sustainability. 
    • Our products are not only sustainable, but they're good for your dog. They can take a beating and wick dry quickly when wet, keeping your dog comfortable and free from damp smells.
    • Our hardware is all recyclable and made in the USA. It is also solid, to ensure that it's strong and that retains its beauty over time. We think it even gets better as it ages!

    Always free to anywhere in the United States!

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