Black and White Striped Hemp Collar with Skull Stud

Black and White Striped Hemp Collar with Skull Stud

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Elevate your city pup's style with our sleek black and white hemp collar adorned with a bold skull-and-crossbones stud. Unleash urban sophistication while embracing eco-conscious craftsmanship for a collar that's as edgy as it is sustainable.

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    • 100% natural hemp canvas webbing
    • Vegan Cork labels
    • Recycled Linen canvas
    • Recyclable hardware 



    • Our products are made of 100% natural hemp canvas webbing for strength, durability, and sustainability. 
    • Our products are not only sustainable, but they're good for your dog. They can take a beating and wick dry quickly when wet, keeping your dog comfortable and free from damp smells.
    • Our products are both stitched and riveted with solid brass to ensure extra strength and durability.
    • Our labels are made from strong cork leather, and hand-stamped with our ELEVATED logo (no two the same!). They're completely vegan and water-resistant, as well as pliable for the most demanding pull that your dog can offer.
    • Our unique fabric designs are printed on recycled linen canvas. Because each product is hand-made, they are all one of a kind - with no two exactly alike!

    Always free to anywhere in the United States!

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