Ellsworth Dog Collar
Ellsworth Dog Collar
Ellsworth Dog Collar
Ellsworth Dog Collar
Ellsworth Dog Collar
Ellsworth Dog Collar

Ellsworth Dog Collar

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Make a statement with your canine companion's accessories! Our sustainable Ellsworth dog collar features a mesmerizing psychedelic design, combining flair with eco-conscious craftsmanship. Choose a colorful and responsible option for your pet's fashion-forward journey.

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    • 100% natural hemp canvas webbing
    • Vegan Cork labels
    • Recycled Linen canvas
    • Recyclable hardware 



    • Our products are made of 100% natural hemp canvas webbing for strength, durability, and sustainability. 
    • Our products are not only sustainable, but they're good for your dog. They can take a beating and wick dry quickly when wet, keeping your dog comfortable and free from damp smells.
    • Our products are stitched and riveted with solid brass to ensure extra strength and durability.
    • Our labels are made from strong cork leather, and hand-stamped with our ELEVATED logo (no two the same!). They're completely vegan, water-resistant, and pliable for the most demanding pull your dog can offer.   
    • Our antique brass hardware is all recyclable and made in the USA. It is also solid to ensure that it's strong and retains its beauty over time. We think it even gets better as it ages!
    • Our unique fabric designs are printed on recycled linen canvas. Because each product is hand-made, they are all one of a kind - with no two exactly alike!

    Always free to anywhere in the United States!

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