Pop Art Poop Bags
Pop Art Poop Bags
Pop Art Poop Bags

Pop Art Poop Bags

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Add a burst of color to your daily walks with our vibrant and eco-friendly dog poop bags! These playful accessories not only make clean-up a breeze but also turn a mundane task into a colorful adventure, ensuring your pup's waste disposal is as stylish as they are.

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  • Keep these on hand for when it's time to do business. Sustainably made plastic bags that do the duty in style. 
  • Each roll contains 20 designer, degradable bags, and with 5 color schemes.
  • Each 8-pack has four unique designs.
  • Compared to most waste bags on the market, we are cost-compatible bag to bag, and offer more options for merchandising and customer choice!
  • Poopy Packs use EPI additive with our polyblend. The EPI additive is designed to control and manage plastics' lifespan and reduce their environmental footprint.
  • Our unique mix of polyblend and additive allows the Poopy Packs to degrade at a controlled rate when the bags are exposed to the photo (sunlight), thermal (heat), and/or mechanical stress in the presence of oxygen and causes the plastic to ultimately degrade in the presence of microorganisms, moisture, and oxygen into environmentally benign products within a few months.
  • Made in China


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