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Excessive Paw Lickings: A Guide to Finding Relief
Has your furry friend developed a peculiar habit of incessantly licking its paws? While occasional paw licking is normal behavior for dogs, excessive and constant licking could indicate an underlying issue that requires your attention. In this blog post, we'll...
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Hack Your Dog's Diet
With Thanksgiving coming up, I've been thinking about diet and what I eat. I’ve been trying different approaches for a while now—low carb, carb loading, South Beach, Keto, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, you name it—all while watching how my body responded...
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8 Tips to be More Intentional with Your Dog
Being intentional with your dog reflects a different level of thoughtful care and attention, the same we bring to our own lives. Being intentional with your dog is a way of connecting, grounding, and strengthening our bond with purpose through mindful action and consideration.
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